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Want DWAYNE to speak at your event?

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IMPORTANT NOTE: When Dwayne speaks all flights, accommodation and airport transfers must be covered.

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Terry Bradley's Review of Dwayne Bennett

"Dwayne is a true professional. He is one who works well with others and mentors and encourages you to attempt your life’s ambitions by setting the positive example of putting in the hard work. I would recommend Dwayne to led projects, manage, or administer processes, procedures, and team-building just to name a few. As an Attorney and Fraternity Brother Dwayne has provided great leadership and direction to his clients, volunteers, and community members. Dwayne has a passion for helping, coaching, and educating others. He has a way of making people focus on being positive, professional, and user friendly. Dwayne's Law firm provided Tittle Searches for the City of Charlotte's Community Development Department." ~  Terry Bradley MBA/PA, ADAC Deputy Community Relations Director/ City of Charlotte ADA Coordinator

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